Wendy Maggs - Liebuster Profile

Lots of talk out there about detoxing bodies, getting rid of stuff that bog you down. How about detoxing your soul - mind, will & emotions. How about a new level of freedom, what would that look like for you?

Liebusters is an amazing tool that effectively detoxifies areas in your life that need a clean out by removing negative thought patterns and belief structures that skew how we see ourselves and relate to those around us.

Imagine, freedom from stress, anxiety, fear, shame, guilt, offence, self hate, frustrations, bad memories, repeat unhealthy scenarios in life that makes you feel like you are stuck on a rat wheel. It has been proven that these internal conflicts are the root of many sicknesses and diseases.

As your soul prospers so does your spirit receive healing.

Book a Liebust with me would love to be part of your journey to out working your God given destiny and to reach full potential.

Here is what others say - 

Paula - Wendy is very professional in her presentation of liebusting. I felt totally comfortable with her even though I didn't know her. She shows great compassion and great patience in her delivery. I definitely recommend her as someone who cares .

Chrystal - Wendy was very patient through the technical difficulties. When we finally got started she allowed GOD, JESUS, and The HOLY Spirit to heal and reveal places in me that were so buried I didnt' know they existed. She was patient because we took about 2 hours! I bless GOD for her service.

Jessica - Had an incredible Liebust with Wendy saw Jesus holding my children and holding myself. The Lord freed me from burdens and pressure on my life and heart. He truly bore my burdens. Wendy was led by the Spirit and facilitated in a very healing way. So thankful for the cleansing time. Felt so free and light afterwards!

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