Susan Gibert - Liebuster Profile

Liebusting is an excellent tool to help us understand and deal with the effects of trauma and life events. During your Liebust you will be set free from pain and hurt. Our God is a God of restoration and He will give back to you all that was taken from you, so that you are free to become the wonderful person that He created you to be.

With each Liebusting session that I facilitate I have been blown away by Jesus’ gentle nature. He demonstrates His love for us by bringing inner healing and setting us free from the things that hold us back, all the while taking us into deeper relationship with Him. It’s an awesome, powerful process, which demonstrates great authority and yet is gentle and loving at the same time.

What others have said about their Liebusting experience with me:

"An excellent session with Godly encounters throughout! Susan took me through it all, giving me all the time I needed. I feel so different as God has brought yet more transformation to my heart. I felt totally safe and honoured - Susan did an excellent job!"

"As a result of Susan’s Liebuster session I have received significant breakthrough and I am so grateful."

"The experience was very deep and I have no doubt it will be life changing not just for me, but also for my family! You were patient and sensitive to the leading of the Lord throughout so I never felt rushed. Thank you!"

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