Sarah Alexander - Liebuster Profile

My greatest desire is to see others emerge from the pains and trials they may have lived with for much of their lives. Partnering with them through the Liebusting process and seeing this freedom emerge, has been a real honour. I love connecting with people of all ages.

When receiving a Liebust myself, I have always been amazed at how much deep healing has occurred within just an hour or so. I’m eager for others to experience this too.

What others have said about their Liebusting experience with me:

"Sarah took me through the session with care and gentleness. It was an amazing experience and I hope I can do another one soon."

"Sarah is a natural at Liebusting. She has great compassion and I felt she was patient, calm and genuinely committed to see a release of all the freedom Jesus had for me." 

"A fab Liebust. Very powerful and we got treasure back from the enemy for future generations!"

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