Robyn Bomhof - Liebuster Profile

Destiny is inexplicably tied to the Spirit of Truth. This is why I believe in the Liebust process.

I have been involved in the Healing ministry for most of my life in one way or another. I have seen miracle after miracle. Bodies healed, people get up out of wheelchairs, souls delivered from realms of darkness, and on occasion, the Glory of God manifest.

Truth and healing are inseparable and are available to everyone. My hearts desire is to be a catalyst and bring you through the Liebust process into your own personal encounter with the ONE who holds your destiny securely in Truth.

Your Creativity, Fresh Vision, and Unity of Soul-Spirit-and Body can be unlocked and EMPOWERED.

The veil can be removed. The Lies that lie at the root of every problem can be exposed and dealt with to reveal YOUR EMPOWERED DESTINY.


You don’t have to wait to go to Heaven to touch it.

I am here to humbly and carefully walk with you into All that is waiting for you. You can do this.

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