Rachael Renovah - Liebuster Profile

Are you riddled with the pain of your past? Stuck in a continual never-ending cycle of destructive behaviours or thought patterns from past traumas? Or perhaps you just don't seem to believe anything good can happen to you, struggling to believe that God isn't vengeful and angry with you, but that He so wants you to prosper you as your soul prospers materially and spiritually? I want you to know that no matter who you are, or your background, nothing is too grim, dirty, sinful or shameful for Him to wash you from and present you as clean and spotless once again! 

Allow me to come alongside you to:

  1.   Help you identify deep struggles that you are facing. 
  2.   We will then renounce thought patterns, lies or behaviours that aren't good for you. And that could be either from your own childhood, past trauma or a generational thing. 
  3.   Lastly, you will get to experience the glorious presence of God the loving Father and His Kingdom - Yes you will get to hear the amazing things He wants to say to you!

Freedom in Him and Oneness with Him is possible! 

In case you are still wondering why you should pick me, here's what some others had to say about their session with me:

"That was so good! I love the strong sound of her voice and her authority in Jesus. She guided me all the way...was very easy to feel comfortable and I love when she prayed over me as I can could feel her authority in Christ. Thank you Rachael!" - Lucia.F

"Rachael is extremely good at keeping the experience peaceful and continuously reconnecting you with the Holy Spirit...even when dealing with painful feelings. I was incredibly blessed by the time she gave to liebust me! I really felt so blessed and connected in the Glory parts and God showed me some wonderful things! I can't recommend her highly enough!..." - Esther A.

"I was deeply shocked as to what I had experienced. Rachael had been lovely, warm, assertive when needed and was patient and calm. It was a very powerful and moving event... I would definitely recommend Rachael and really believe in this now as a form of healing from past hurts and other issues. Brilliant!" - Ann. E

I want to help you experience Freedom the way He intended it! So go on and request a session with me and I promise it will be a peaceful, safe and transformative session.

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