Pamela Greene-Jones - Liebuster Profile

Hello and welcome to Liebusters! So excited to share a bit about myself with you. As a Liebuster Pro, with decades of experience as a Creative Problem Solver in the marketing and advertising arena, I have found that at the Root of Every Problem is a lie. Either a lie that developed into a problem, or a lie that's blocking the solution to that problem. Using the skills and techniques of Liebusting to address the "imprisonment" of creativity, I have found that the imagination longs to flow freely to address every problem!

One of the biggest lies we begin to believe early in life is, "I am not creative." Made in the image and likeness of the CREATOR HIMSELF, Mankind was designed to Create. Said creativity not only breeds initiative, productivity and sheer beauty, but also Solutions to ALL of life's challenges. 

Whether you are a painter, writer or designer; OR perhaps a corporate executive running a company, maybe even the parent of a teenager, Creativity is REQUIRED. Liebusting releases the restraints of lies holding back the flood of free-flow ideas each person is inherently designed to produce. Effective liebusting facilitates "OUT OF THE BOX" thinking. removes veils clouding the vision, and opens the "Eyes of the Heart" or simply put, the imagination to see the wondrous possibilities that TRUTH delivers. 

It would give me great excitement and satisfaction to help you and your creative imagination break out from the prison that believing lies constructs. I look forward to meeting the fabulous free-flowing YOU. 

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