Kris Hunter - Liebuster Profile

My desire is for people (including children) to encounter Jesus and walk into their destiny. I encourage others to encounter the Giver of Hope who untangles the web of lies that strangles one’s destiny. I have a gentle soft nature but firm in authority and identity.  

Luke 6:38: “… For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.”

My heart is to partner and champion those who feel lost and stuck in life’s circumstances. In my own life, I battled with separating my identity from the world system. Through prayer the Holy Spirit directed me to Liebusters where the Lord peeled off layers of lies, revealing my destiny. Now there is hope where there was once hopelessness, true joy where once I felt torment. The Spirit of Truth healed wounded fragments of myself that triggered me to react like a puppet into cycles condemnation. Liebusters has become a lifestyle, empowering me to walk in tangible peace.  

“The Holy Spirit lead from the get go. What a delightful way to deal with old traumas without pain and fear. Jesus was with me through it all - and Kris was a very kind, gentle, spirit gifted Liebuster. Many things were nailed to the cross and clarity about how I am to learn was given. Much freedom was received as a result. Oh, how refreshing that feels. At a specific point we both felt the presence of the Lord and experienced good healthy laughter and joy. Kris's follow-up notes were helpful and appreciated. Thank you, Kris, for your servant heart towards me. If there was one rating button over high I would press it - just to let you know I am blessed above and beyond. His banner over me is LOVE!”

I look forward to meeting with you and being a part of your Liebust experience. 

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