Jennifer Millard - Liebuster Profile

I love people. Each individual is unique and precious.

I hate the way so many of us struggle with wounds and lies that hold us back. 

I love helping anyone get free from all of those, and enabling them to flourish in all areas of life. 

Liebusting is a wonderful way to get free and stay free. Each Liebust is a unique journey that gently unfolds. I am happy to guide you through that journey so that you too can be free, and begin to flourish. Sometimes it's only one thing that has made a profound difference, but others, it's several things. Each Liebusting journey is life changing, and worth it. I know because I've done it! 


"I immediately felt at ease with Jennifer and that I could trust her. The work God did through her was actually deeper than I had expected. The good fruit of the session was immediately evident to me at a group I met with yesterday. I felt free to be me and much more confident" 

"I feel so grateful, positive and encouraged to have seen my vision and dreams restored back to life. Thank you" 

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