Ingrid Van Droogenbroeck - Liebuster Profile

If you would ask me to describe Liebusting in three words, those words would be Personal, Deep and Transformational. With every Liebust I facilitate, I am in complete awe of what God is doing in such a personal, profound and life-changing way. Through Liebusting God will meet you right there where you are, bringing freedom and healing right there where you need it.

And what is more powerful than experiencing freedom, to be the person God created you to be and be released to move in the fullness of your identity and mission in life? Coaching and counselling are close to my heart but Liebusting brings that big extra as you will experience personal revelation of God's truth, replacing the lies, worries and fears that kept you in a state of obstruction or inertia. This is basically what Liebusting did in my life.

If you feel stuck on a personal and/or professional level, I will be honoured to facilitate a Liebusting session with you. Let yourself be surprised with what God can do in your life. Nothing is impossible for Him.

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