What is Liebusting?

Liebusting is a fast, simple, powerful yet gentle freedom prayer model that facilitates the power of God to set you free to live out your purpose. Each session takes 60-90 minutes and can be done in person or over the Internet.

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What others are saying

I have seen the LIEBUSTERS process change lives in short order and bring lasting transformation that is truly breathtaking.

Robyn Bomhof, Minister

We have searched 'solutions' through other healing streams. All of them deal with a certain aspect of healing but what I have come to experience with LIEBUSTERS is that it covers the entire spectrum from repentance, to bloodline, to fragments, to integration, to ascending. It's complete and amazing, totally led by Holy Spirit.

Sandra Tan

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To join you must first purchase the Liebusters Course just click here and then join the 22:22 Family.

We have limited availability in our three groups that meet on Wednesdays at 7.30am, 5pm and 7.30pm UK Time. Please make sure you can make these times in your own timezone.


Dr. Mark Stibbe

"Having been privileged to read the countless testimonies of those who have been Liebusted, as well as being Liebusted by Jonathan myself, I can say without qualification that this is a tool that the world needs."

Liebusters Directory

We have a team of trained, experienced and trusted Liebusters all over the world who are waiting to help you get free and stay free. To schedule a Liebust session, please contact one of our Liebusters. 


Liebusters Certification

Do you want to get free and be equipped to set others free? Do you want to encounter God? Do you want to know your God given identity and purpose? If yes, the Liebusters Course is for you!


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Liebusters Book

We share our own freedom journey, testimonies and describe the Liebusters freedom process! (Free worldwide shipping)


Dr. Jonathan Welton

"Many of us struggle with the ongoing entanglements of doubt, fear, insecurity, lust, pride, greed and selfishness. If you are struggling with any form of bondage, Liebusters will help you become whole and free."


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Gary Beaton

"Liebusters is by far one of the most profound tools of our time. I believe that Liebusters has the power to dramatically transform millions of lives."

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