Helena Cavan - Liebuster Profile

I absolutely love Liebusting because each Liebust is an affirmation that 1. God is good. No matter how bad things are or have been, God can turn anything for good - in time. 2. Nothing is impossible. There is no stuck place or disconnection with God that can not be moved and reconnected. 3. The blood of Jesus at Calvary paid for EVERYTHING and by His blood, we are healed of EVERYTHING. 4. We are each significant.  

In each Liebust, I see these foundational truths replacing the lies which keep you disconnected from God, from your own self and from other people. The goal of Liebusting is to reconnect you in these three directions so that you can truly walk out the unique purpose that God has for your life - to fulfil your destiny.  

I carry great authority in the areas of forgiveness, overcoming fear and generational darkness, overcoming night terror and traumas, fracturing and reintegration because these are the greatest victories and breakthrough’s I’ve experienced in my own life. I look forward to contributing to your breakthroughs as a result of Liebusting and helping you step into the freedom of body, soul AND spirit you long for.