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The Liebusters book contains Jonathan and Helena's personal freedom story - a journey that led to the creation of Liebusters, and more recently, the Liebusters Course

The book covers the theological foundations of the Liebusters journey: from slavery to sonship, from sonship to kingship, and from kingship to oneness, then goes into more detail regarding the five component parts of a Liebust session: connect, lies, truth, scan and glory. 

Available as Paperback and eBook. For German, French and Dutch translations, please visit Amazon

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Liebuster Poetry - Selected by Helena Cavan


I've felt the Lord really impressing me to share a poem/painting with you.  I wrote it several ago as a response to a painting an artist did of me (don't worry, I did have my clothes on when I sat for him!).  This poem is about being dissociated and fractured, it is what manifests when there are parts.  It expresses the torture people live in who really love God and are Christian, yet manifest such ungodliness, opening the door to tremendous shame and discouragement.  Freedom feels good!

- Helena Cavan, Co-founder of Liebusters

©  Tony Heath ,  Forever Autumn  Acrylic on board 24 x 18 inches 2011

© Tony Heath, Forever Autumn Acrylic on board 24 x 18 inches 2011

Once Shadow, Now Matter

Torn into pieces
          Stuck together
                            With shadows

         Angular curves utter
Blessings and curses
         Flowing sharp corners lead
Dead-end infinity
         Masked transparencies move
Screens in shadow-plays


Hiding and visible
         Presently dissociated
Exhausted and endlessly


Colourful shallows dance
         Deepening and dreaming
Solitude meets silence 


Once shadow now

© Helena Cavan, 2012


The Open Window

Sometimes I want to crouch
inside a corner of my heart;
the deep and darkest part,
and wallow in my pain and sorrow.

A black hole draws my mind
into a force beyond control,
enveloping my soul
where my perception is deception.

‘Do not be overcome
by darkness,’ says a voice to me.
‘Stand your ground; make it flee;
clear the clutter, open the shutter.

Vivid light and colour
pierce the essence of my being,
changing what I’m seeing;
radiant and bright, they cover my night. 

© Gill Wyatt


I set out to murder a child of ten
The boy was desperate for admission to the World of men
So I led him to the door of the pervert's den
And I left him there to fend for himself
Knock knock knock!

Now, in partial mitigation of the things the pervert did
I should mention he was just fifteen, so technically a kid
And when his misdeeds came to light he ran away and hid
He took the blame, I felt the shame and shut the lid. Enough!
Let's return now to the stripling at the door
Knock knock knock!

"I can only let you enter if you promise not to tell" 
Said the pervert to the child who piped, "I think that's just as well
'Cos if my Dad found out that I was here he'd knock us both to Hell"
And with that the monster in the pervert's pants began to swell
The child had access...

And it thrilled him to discover such an organ could exist
The thing was longer than his forearms
Even thicker than his wrists
He held it to his soft pink cheeks
He rubbed and licked and kissed it
And afterwards they shared a Swedish porn mag and a biscuit
Then the child walked home alone
And smiling
On that day - day one - of oh so many
I tried really hard to kill him but, of course, the boy survived
Whereas the adult he so nearly was
Absolutely died
That day...

Not immediately, admittedly, but slowly over time
Through adolescent bed-wetting, drink, drugs, petty crime
Through academic failure born of fractured concentration
A penchant for pornography (despite some reservations)
And as he stumbled into working life the gradual realisation
That he had a textbook case of premature sexualisation
It defined him and consumed him
From that day - day one - of oh so very very many
The young boy and the nearly man
I dearly love them both
But I have to let them go
They are impediments to growth
And they seriously need to...

Leave me be now
Just leave me be.

© 2010 Tim King

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