Francine Dumont - Liebuster Profile

Francine, 55, mother of 3, 1 near the Lord, and the Lord following two separated in 1994 and divorced. I gave my life to the Lord August 17, 1998, baptized in the Spirit a month later, baptized with water. The Lord gave me the ministry of intercession in my church in Brussels since 2001, I intercede for Belgium in various prayer groups. The baptism of fire happened in 1998, 1999, 2001, 2009, breast cancer, skin cancer and relapse, pneumonia, I received divine healing through prayer and fasting alone before God, refusing medical help. I am active in an evangelistic group for women. 

God has given me as gifts to the good news in the streets, intercessory prayer, the spoken language and the multitude of tongues, interpretation of tongues, interpretation of dreams, pray for the sick and they are healed, pray walking in places and cities and the darkness depart, bring young children to the Lord and accompany them in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, same with the new Christians give words of knowledge and prophetic words for the people and for the cities and nations. 

I start Liebust to Belgium and Christians. I Liebust churches and cities with extraordinary divine power! The mandate I received is to proclaim God's decrees for the Nations!

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