Debbie Buckels - Liebuster Profile

I am passionate when it comes to people being set free from emotional bondage caused by fear and anxiety through uncovering lies in unknown places to bring freedom and hope.

I dealt with fear and anxiety for many years then Jesus began to show me that the enemy is always tormenting me and bringing emotional pain on me because he has been given legal ground either through my own life choices or from my ancestors choices generationally. John 14:30 says "... the prince of the world is coming ..... he has no claim on Me ..... there is nothing in Me that belongs to him, and he has no power over Me".


"Having had other forms of prayer work over the past two years I must say that when I heard of Liebusting I wanted to give it a go. Honestly I hadn't really talked to or knew anything about Debbie, but the Holy Spirit began to greatly encourage me to set up a time with her so I did. She is a wonderful woman of God, with a personality that was made for Liebusting. I had no trouble sharing with her some deep emotional scars, even though I had no previous relationship with her. Jesus came and sat with us as we dove into my life to find certain areas that needed cleansing. I want to assure whoever might be reading this that Debbie is a for real child of God who has not only been trained, but has a gift from God to counsel those in need of freedom. At no time during our session did I ever feel that she was being anything but true to the Spirit's leading and the voice of God. Not only do I trust her but will encourage others, including my wife, to do the same! Can't wait until our next session!"

I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your Liebust experience.

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