Corinne Gaisie - Liebuster Profile

Over the years, I have had great joy in helping many people be transformed as they become healed from the hurts of life. I truly believe that Liebusting is one of the most gentle but powerful tools for you to receive Truth, Love and Hope into your heart. So why not take the first step of your journey into freedom to receive the fullness of the identity and the destiny God has for you. There is nothing to lose but everything to gain!

What others have said about their Liebusting experience with me:

"A truly brilliant experience, and a genuine step forward in becoming whole, healed, and set free! I highly recommend a Liebusters session with Corinne!"

"God really used my Liebusters session with Corinne to clear away two very difficult strongholds that had been in my life for many years. I was surprised that it was such a quick yet effective tool that got to the root of many problems in my life. The result is that I am now walking in greater freedom."

"It was an exciting, really deep journey with the Lord where I could experience the benefit of His life giving Word: 'the truth sets you free'. Thank you!"

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