Liebusters Conference 2019

Cleanse to Connect

Early Registrants get a Free Liebust Session worth $65

Sunday 23rd June 2019

9.15am to 5.30pm

Bellingham Adventist Church

5321 Waschke Road

Bellingham, WA


with Helena Cavan  co-founder of Liebusters  CEO of The Milestone Detox

with Helena Cavan

co-founder of Liebusters

CEO of The Milestone Detox

Liebusters Conference Ticket $75

When you complete your purchase please download your Ticket and bring it with you to the conference.


Liebusters is a British-birthed spiritual cleansing process which began in 2014. Hailed as ‘the next gen freedom tool,’ the Liebuster book is available in 7 languages and the Liebusters Course has quickly spread  to 22 nations across 5 continents. The Liebuster vision is to help people to get free, stay free and then in  turn, to set others free. This spirit-led process moves people from slavery to sonship to kingship to oneness -  oneness with themselves, with others and with God.

Join Helena Cavan, co-founder of Liebusters for a Liebuster immersion experience that will include teaching on physical cleansing, or detox as well.

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We have searched 'solutions' through other healing streams. All of them deal with a certain aspect of healing but what I have come to experience with LIEBUSTERS is that it covers the entire spectrum from repentance, to bloodline, to fragments, to integration, to ascending. It's complete and amazing, totally led by Holy Spirit.

Sandra Tan


Sunday, June 23rd, 9am - 5pm

9.15: Welcome & Worship


The Liebusters Journey - Slavery to Sonship to Kingship to Oneness.

The Liebusters Process - Connect, Lies, Truth, Scan, Glory

10.45: Quick Break

11-12.00: Individual Live Liebust sessions via Zoom (Participants will need a smart phone, headphones and a data plan)

Alternative: For those not getting Liebusted, they can watch a teaching online

2.00: Worship

2.45-3.45: Live Liebust from the front

3.45: Quick Break

4.00: Freedom = Personal Power: walking out your destiny

5.00: Q&A

5.30: Close