Clare McKee - Liebuster Profile

I had my first Liebust at David’s Tent worship event a year ago. I was so impressed with the amount of change in the way I felt and acted after just the one encounter that I decided to train to become a Pro. I have never looked back, finding more freedom in the past 12 months than in the previous 20 years! I had been feeling rejected, unappreciated, left out and hurt, actually on the verge of leaving my church! Now, many Lie Busts later, I can say I feel accepted, valued, loved, relaxed, peaceful, confident, included and clean. I am more sensitive to Holy Spirit too, and I laugh a lot! I can tell you that it feels very good! I would love to help YOU access revelation that will transform you too, through an encounter with Jesus. 


“A joy to be Liebusted by the lovely Clare. Process clear, very professional and kind. Set free and increasingly healed! Thank you Jesus, thanks Clare.” - Lizzie

“Clare is gentle, calm and kind in the way she leads you through the process. The result has been much greater freedom from things that have been a problem all my life.” - Ruth

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