Liebusters is an important ministry tool that we are offering at Chroma Church Freedom Centre. The course is delivered in a way that makes it easy to train a large team to lead Liebust sessions. We love Liebusters because not only does it help people connect with God and receive inner healing, it also helps people listen to the Lord’s encouragements so that they can fully step into their kingdom calling and destiny. The UK Liebust team have been a delight to work with and we are so grateful for all they have done to help us develop Liebusters at Chroma Church.

Steve and Juliet, Lead Pastors at Chroma Church


Eastgate has had a Transformation Centre for almost ten years where we have been able to offer inner healing ministry. We are really excited to have recently added Liebusters to what we are able to do. I personally experienced a powerful encounter with Father God during my Liebust and am confidently expecting many testimonies of the freedom and healing that this ministry brings. 

Donna, Director at Eastgate Church, Church Life Pastor 

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Taking part in the Liebusters Course has been such a privilege. Doing the course gave me the opportunity to delve deeper into some really amazing 'glory times' and also gave me a concise and effective tool to serve others and lead them into freedom and healing.

Bec, China

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The Liebusters Course is refreshing and clear. As a church elder it is both familiar in its content and yet strikingly original in its approach. The diagrams of how the process works are really helpful, and the concepts of critters and slime help to put the devil in his place. A great course to do if you're heading for a life-change and want to do it God's way. 

Ben, England

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The Liebusters Course is an effective, safe and easy way to learn how to bring people into freedom. Amazing, I've waited years for a course like this. I really love the simple step by step process, using the least amount of time and words to get maximum results. Thanks so much for putting the Liebusters Course out there for the world to use.

Deirdre, New Zealand


Don't underestimate the powerful potential that is packed into the Liebusters Course. Initially I was apprehensive that something so simple could be so inspiringly accurate. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to push deeper in their pursuit of freedom. The rewards are priceless and the journey is liberating! 

Alicia, South Africa

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I'm amazed at the freedom I have received through the Liebusters Course. Peace and joy have been the result. I feel much lighter and free-er than I ever remember. Thank you Liebusters. 

Irene, New Zealand


I am very impressed with the way Liebusters gets immediate and lasting results! This model is different, because it led me into greater revelation of who I am in Christ. I am completely different. Being set free has never been easier, and the glory is really amazing! Thank you for creating the Liebusters Course.

Nathalie, Canada

Pretty awesome, huh? 

The Liebusters Course has been transformational, such an amazing gift. This is a gentle, non-threatening and non-traumatic experience, completely Spirit led. I never knew I could travel to heavenly places and spend time with Papa God. In these moments I sense the Holy Spirit all over me. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to really experience wholeness and the presence of God. This has taken my relationship with God to a whole new level. 

Kate, New Zealand

This course has been a real blessing. The results have been truly astonishing. I've witnessed improved self image, physical healing and altered physical appearance. Yes, physical appearance, by being set free and no longer believing the lies! This is a transformational tool which I will use to the maximum. For a serious subject there has been an amazing amount of fun and laughter to go with the revelations. To be set free, this is unquestionably the way to go.

Barry, England

I feel very privileged to have been part of the Liebusters Course. Having participated in several courses designed to bring freedom and wholeness, I can state categorically that Liebusters beats the lot! What a simple, quick and powerful tool. Absolutely brilliant! Each member of our small group is now walking in new found freedom and we've had so much fun, laughter and blessing in the process.  

Elaine, England

Wow, I am blown away by how simple, yet powerful this tool is. I tend to stay away from things that are scripted, but this program truly works time and time again. The level of life and joy that I experience has been raised and the revelation I've received has taken me to a deeper level with God. I would strongly recommend this course for anyone desiring to be more deeply connected to God. Beyond blessed! 

Renette, South Africa

 Liebusters is such a powerful process where you have a more structured way to bust lies than you ever knew existed! Holy Spirit never fails to show up and take over. It is a process of freedom and learning the truths that God is speaking over you, unlocking the way to walk in your full destiny. 

Charlene, South Africa

I have enjoyed the Liebusters Course that we did as a group. I learned so much from it. I love the fact that it is Jesus doing the healing and not someone else. Because it was Jesus, I found that He is the one that continues to remind me He has taken care of the situation and it is therefore healed. Totally a life changing event in my life. 

Sharon, Canada

There are 70 groups in 15 countries across all 5 continents doing the Liebusters Course

I am amazed at the freedom I have received through the Liebusters Course. The amount of freedom has just increased after each Liebust. During my seventh Liebust, after I had forgiven my ancestors 10 generations back for freemasonry and nailed the associated lies to Jesus' cross, I experienced deliverance, the result of that freedom was that I couldn't stop laughing. This uncontrollable laughter kept welling up. Peace beyond my understanding flooded me.  

Irene, New Zealand

I am so grateful for taking the Liebusters course. It was not complicated to go through the process. I was amazed that Jesus showed me the lies and how I could receive truth and feel freedom each time I was Liebusted. The peace of God would come into my heart from the very beginning with the "connect" section. I would recommend this course to anyone. 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be part of such a life transforming course. I have been caught for years under lies, deceptions and secrets, and have finally come into sonship myself. I think it is something that every small group/church should take part in, enabling everyone to come into the fullness of the life God planned for them. If you're looking for a fast and effective life changing course, the Liebusters Course is definitely the one that comes top of the list - Just do it!!! 

Brenda, New Zealand

This has been THE most awesome course I have ever done!! God is so amazing and His timing was perfect because what I discovered through this course I think would put people in therapy for years! Thanks to Liebusting it has taken me 3 months to deal with recessive memories that were brought forward. I found out that I had been abused as a child a few times and had locked it all away. The result of that had been Bipolar, which the Lord healed me of in 2009. However there were still some inconsistencies that I wasn't happy with. I am experiencing such freedom and authority, not only in the spirit but in my daily life as well. Thank you for this opportunity!! 

Joanna, South Africa

 Thank you so much. This course has been amazing. The freedom and breakthrough I've seen not only in myself but also in those who I have ministered to is incredible. If you are after an effective prayer ministry tool then this is the course you need! 

Rhiannon, Australia

I feel very blessed to have completed the Liebusters Course training. It was amazingly effective and I had a lot of breakthroughs. The course didn't just heal and deliver me from the enemy's lies, it also renewed my relationship with both God and my family. It encouraged me to cooperate with God more in general. I believe everyone who is pursuing God seriously should consider taking this course! 

Patty, Hong Kong

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 I am a qualified Christian counsellor as well as secular. I was amazed that I went so deep, so fast! I like the way this course can be done online, opening up access to most people . This is so easy to learn and the tools given are very easy to follow and apply. The "Liebustees" enjoy the glory time and what a good way to finish your time with someone. I throughly recommend the Liebusters Course! 

Ann, England


 Thank you so much for this course. I have broken away from many generational lies and received many glory moments and now I am free. This is a very effective tool to get people free. Do the Liebusters course, you will benefit from it!

Jeremy, Singapore


 The Liebusters Course is the most effective and efficient way of training people to help others to go beyond being free, to fully walking in their destiny.

Rose, Australia


These testimonies encourage and strengthen our vision to spread global freedom!

I have really enjoyed the Liebusters Course! I've done other kinds of freedom prayer training, but what I really like about the Liebusters process is that it connects the person to God and the script is very straightforward. It's great to experience God and hear His voice and to be set free. I loved giving and receiving Liebust sessions, it's really brought me and others more healing. 

Laura, Canada

 Thank the Lord for your amazing Liebusters Course for setting the captives free. I had a big breakthrough in my own life with regard to letting go of shame. I am now free from shame and everything that goes with it! It's amazing how fast and powerful this course is. I highly recommend the Liebusters Course, it will set you free.

Nola, New Zealand

 This has been a fantastic journey and a great course. I was a bit apprehensive about it at first but when I started to watch the videos and do the Liebusting myself, I saw how much freedom it brings in such a short time. Even during the Liebust sessions I received, I have experienced so much breakthrough and freedom! I recommend the Liebusters Course to you all. 

Karen, England

 I have experienced inner healing through several other methods, but the Liebusters Course has allowed me to experience greater levels of freedom and encounters with the Father than ever before. I am especially impressed with how easy this tool is to use. The Process Flow is very user friendly, and it is so wonderful to witness people being set free and encountering their heavenly Dad. Thank you! 

Rebekah, China

 Thank you so much. The course was fun and I have seen many breakthroughs in my life and the lives of people in my group. I look forward to using this tool with my family and in my church. I found the video demonstrations and teaching clear and extremely helpful. 

Lana, New Zealand

 The Liebusters Course is easy, fun and such a powerful tool for setting people free. I have seen those in my group experience real change and personal release. I feel sure this will be a helpful tool for the church. Thank you for sharing this super quick system. 

Cherry, New Zealand

Liebusters has been coined the next-gen freedom tool, and here's why... 

 Doing the Liebusters Course has deepened my relationship with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. I am now walking in the Light with a new depth of intimacy. I have experienced the cleansing of my bloodline and my DNA being reset. Truly life changing and this is just the beginning. Get this course if you are hungry for a real relationship with our Almighty God. 

Annie, New Zealand

 The Liebusters Course has been a wonderful adventure especially being with a group... we have all been encouraging and inspiring each other to continue through the assignments. I have found it spiritually a very beneficial course. Thank you for the opportunity! 

Marianne, New Zealand

 I like the way this course has encouraged and empowered us as a group to hear from the Holy Spirit for ourselves. It is something I can take into my daily life. It encouraged me to slow down and take time to hear (and allow others to hear) what the Holy Spirit is saying in the moment. 

Mary, New Zealand

 This course has been very eye opening. The principles are foundational yet powerful and each of the steps are easy to follow. The Liebust sessions have been amazing, loaded with freedom and tangible encounters with God in Heaven. My ability to receive God's love was restored during a Liebust!

Lay Hooi Tan, Australia

 The Liebusters Course gave me a 'tool' that can set people free and is so transferrable they are able to keep themselves free. An unexpected bonus has been the number of wonderful affirmations the Lord has given us individually within the group. Personally, I have experienced a greater dimension of freedom than I have ever known. It is a simple yet effective tool to use in ministry and it is amazing to see how the Holy Spirit works through it to bring life and liberty.

Kathy, New Zealand

 Liebusters is one of the most efficient and effective ways to break off lies and walk in truth, freedom and wholeness. The course itself was a great mix of teaching, using videos and reading, as well as practical application, where we had to give and receive Liebust sessions. Not only have I gained new skills to help others walk in freedom but I have also personally encountered God through my Liebust sessions. Thank you! 

Rui Qi Lim, Hong Kong

So many testimonies, so much joy!

 This course has been truly life transforming. For years I have been bound by lies and chains, from childhood until now. I have experienced such freedom, my friends and other members of my group keep commenting on the change in me. I've also received physical healing. Until recently I have had a severe stabbing pain in my neck and restricted movement. I was referred to for Physio but with the help of a Liebust and healing prayer, the pain has now gone in Jesus' name!

Sophie, England

 What I found most profound is that Jesus cuts to the chase, not involving anyone else but the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This saves so much time and brings powerful revelation and transformation. After one Liebust session (having prayed for this person for 20 years) I was blown out of the water to see the change that took place. The revelation given to me during my Liebust sessions has been amazing. What the Holy Spirit reveals, you could never dream up! 

Pat, Canada

 This course has helped me to develop a deeper relationship with God and has given me the confidence to hear His voice more clearly for myself. I am excited to enter into oneness with God in each aspect of my life and I look forward to helping others to do the same. 

Elizabeth, China

 I have seen this tool working very effectively bringing greater freedom and intimacy with God in our group and beyond. What impresses me the most is the speed at which issues are identified and dealt with. 

Elaine, England

 The Liebusters course has been a fabulous tool to see people get set free and connected with God. It's really well presented with clear and concise teaching on how to use the process. The outcomes when ministering to people have been really encouraging. I particularly love the glory phase, which balances the deliverance side of ministry with encountering God - it takes away any sense of "heaviness" from deliverance. I've noticed that particularly for those struggling to meet with God, this method works extremely well and brings breakthrough. I would highly recommend this course to any one who desires to see people set free. 

Dorothy, New Zealand

 My relationships with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit have improved and been enriched to such an extent that I can truly say this has certainly been a life-changing experience. The Liebusters Course is a most powerful tool, bringing freedom effectively, quickly and smoothly. 

Jovanka, South Africa