Alec and Chris Lavery - Liebuster Profile

We love to see people reach their full potential in Christ and to find their true destiny, and to do that the slime and lies that are preventing us need to be dealt with.  

Alec and I have been working in the ministry of deliverance and inner healing for around 20 years and believe Liebusters to be the most direct tool we’ve ever used. It is completely guided by the Holy Spirit and as we partner with Him it’s hands off from us allowing a free flow from heaven. It not only deals with own life’s hurts, lies and unbeliefs but gets to the root of generational lies and traumas that have affected our own lives because they haven’t been dealt with but passed down through our family line. Also dealing with fractures in our lives and helping towards wholeness.  

We both have a wealth of life experiences to draw from and recognise the importance to be free from past hurts it would be our privilege and pleasure to be alongside you in your healing process.

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