Liebuster Directory - Africa

These are our trained, trusted and experienced Liebusters in your region, who can help you to get free and stay free. Please browse the individual profiles, and contact the Liebuster personally to arrange your Liebust session. There is no fixed charge to get Liebusted, but we suggest £50 for a session (paid to your chosen Liebuster). This will be agreed between you and your chosen Liebuster before booking.

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Jonathan Cavan


Jonathan is passionate about freedom and justice, he loves helping people of influence and those in desperate need.

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Phyllis Chowaniok

English and Swahili


Phyllis has been trained in all aspects of Liebusting.

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Helena Cavan

English, Spanish and Portuguese

Helena is an integration specialist with a heart of gold. She is a very strong woman and an overcomer. 

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Corinne Gaisie

English and French

As an overcomer, Corinne can truly testify that we all gain authority over the very things we overcome! 

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