Meet Jonathan and Helena, who gave birth to Liebusters.


Adrian, an experienced Liebuster, shares his experience of the Liebusters tool.

In 2012, I (Jonathan) was running an IT company from our home office in the Cotswolds, UK.  After experiencing and being trained in several emotional/spiritual healing modalities myself, I began to use my lunch break to meet with people to pray breakthrough and freedom for them.  Only having about an hour, I needed that time to be as efficient and effective as possible.

I realised very quickly, however, that by engaging the soul (mind, will, emotions), people could quickly talk the time away without getting the real breakthrough and shift they came for.  So I began to ask, plead for heavenly insight and a download of wisdom as to how to structure the hour.  [I had no interest in establishing a "practice", with repeat business! I wanted to see people truly get set free of their issues so they could step into their purpose.]

Over time, I found myself leading people through the same questions over and over - honing the words of each question for maximum clarity in the prayer session.  


I began to see more and more breakthrough, word began to spread and a queue for my lunch hours began to form!  I learned I could effectively pray for people over skype - so those further afield didn't have to travel so far.

One day, some friends from Burnley invited me to come up to the north of England and teach them to do exactly what I was doing.  My children were still school-age at the time and I didn't fancy travelling on weekends doing training courses whilst they were that age, so I declined the invitation.

However, the request was persistent and eventually one afternoon, as I sat at my desk, I bowed my head and asked God if I was meant to teach others what I was doing.  


Immediately, I got the words, "Liebusters" and I saw the logo in my head, exactly as you see it here today, scribbling it down.  So that evening after work, I began to make a series of slides, and write down what I'd been doing.

It was fun! I enjoyed thinking things through and realised there was a process, a logic:  a sequence of questions that I had been following and references that I'd been using.

Helena, my wife, joined me in sessions outside of work hours and we began to work as a team - praying for each other as well as for others.  We began to see things that had dogged our relationship for twenty years begin to evaporate.  We began to see miracles happen in peoples' lives as a result of the freedom they stepped into during a session.

We decided to host a Liebuster training session in our home.  A man whom I'd been praying for was an artist and told me he was bringing me a gift.  He set it up in our lounge with a cloth over it and when he unveiled it, our jars dropped.  Not only was it an impressive piece of art, in the style of Salvador Dalí, but in one picture, it explained the entire Liebusting process.  

Up until this time, Laurie Bath had no knowledge of the Liebuster "process" and the teaching that day hadn't even started! He had received prayer and one day, "seen" a picture in his mind which he just knew he had to paint....and several months later, unveiled the "Spirit Temple" piece.  

The first phase of Liebuster training didn't include the "part scan" but from our own experience, until we understood what Jesus meant by healing the brokenhearted, or integration work, we didn't hold some of the truths that we'd received in the sessions.  When we began to identify the different parts of the self (also functioning as coping mechanisms) which were carrying beliefs and bringing those to Jesus, that is when we really began to see shifts in the behaviour of the personality.


In 2013, we took a team of people we had trained to David's Tent, a summer festival in the south of England, to minister to festival-goers.  To cut a long story short, we have now trained over 1,000 people world wide in the Liebuster process and enjoy reading the regular reports of how ordinary people are learning the Liebuster process in order to help their friends, family and community step into their purpose in life.

If you need help, we don't feel you should have to put your name on a waiting list and wait for weeks on end.  There are people all around the world who have now been trained in this Liebuster freedom tool who absolutely LOVE doing it.  So don't hesitate to choose a Liebuster from the list and connect.  

We know that there are many people who, like us, want to make a difference in this world to help people step into the truth of their design and purpose.  So get in touch if you're ready to quickly and efficiently get trained to do liebusting.  It is not complicated nor lengthy.  Yes, it takes some practise, but what life-changing skill doesn't!

If you want to know more watch this interview below and take your time exploring this site - we hope you will enjoy the content we offer.

What is Liebusters?

Watch a live Liebust session with John at Chroma Church in Leicester.

Watch a live Liebust session with John at Chroma Church in Leicester.

Liebusters is a fast, simple, powerful and gentle healing prayer model developed by Jonathan and Helena Cavan, as a result of their own 20 year freedom journey. After 5,000 hours of trials and refinement over an 8 year period. 

Developed in response to Jonathan's hunger for freedom in his own marriage and family, Liebusters was born from that intimate place of a child's heart cry to his loving father (God). God's response was deeply profound yet so simple - a Spirit-led process in which God himself a) reveals the issues HE wants to deal with and b) identifies where they are rooted. We then partner with God to nail any lies, break their power and receive the revelation of truth. Liebusters employs the Biblical principles of confession (of lies) and repentance (unto truth). 

By dealing with the unhealthy roots, the fruits become healthy. Liebusters is known particularly for the way in which it addresses generational issues, as revealed by God to the Liebustee or recipient. Science has now proven that trauma gets encoded on to our DNA and is passed down through the generations. In Liebusters we see immense freedom, release and healing (both emotional and physical) as generational issues caused by trauma are identified and dealt with by God. 

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In addition to identifying roots of trauma, whether they be own life or generational, God has taught Jonathan how He seeks to experience oneness with us and that to achieve this fully we first need to have oneness with ourselves - to be whole. The issue of dissociated parts and integration is one that affects most of us, but it’s a topic that many of us know very little about. Put simply, parts of us can get stuck emotionally at different ages because of traumatic events that may have happened in our past. We can then get triggered into these stuck parts and therefore, even as adults, we can assume their emotional coping states. Often in relationships we can trigger one another and feel disconnected when different parts of us are operating. This makes for inconsistent and confusing relationships that lack sustained intimacy. God has taught Jonathan how to lovingly integrate these stuck parts in just a few minutes so that they no longer get triggered and operate separately from the core self. This results in the ability to have sustained intimacy both with others and with God, allowing us to enjoy the kind of oneness with God that Jesus cries out for in his prayer in John 17. 

Both Liebustees and Liebusters love the fact that Liebuster sessions are totally Spirit led, meaning there is no human agenda - making it feel very safe. We also aim to maintain a 'Spirit to spirit' connection between God and the Liebustee, rather than a 'Spirit to soul' connection. When the soul becomes engaged, negative emotions may rise up from past memories which we have found to be both unnecessary and unhelpful.  Many have commented that Liebust sessions leave both the Liebuster and Liebustee feeling energised and uplifted, rather than drained.

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Finally, Liebusters is not just about inner healing and deliverance – it is so much more than that. We are not saved from sin so that we can go to heaven when we die.  We are saved from sin so that we can access heaven now and bring heaven to earth - the Liebusters process facilitates this. Many ask how Liebusters compares to other healing prayer models, but it's not for us to make comparisons. We firmly believe that we live in an age of acceleration and that God wants to do things a lot more quickly now than even 5 years ago. Liebusters seems to be an expression of this acceleration. Many who have been trained in Liebusters have been trained in other healing prayer models and the consensus seems to be that Liebusters is simple, fast, powerful and gentle - a 'next gen' freedom tool.

Who is it for?

Liebusters has been designed to be simple, fast, powerful and gentle, so it really is for anyone who has a passion for freedom and a desire to see the Kingdom of God advance. Liebusters can be used by churches as a small group equipping resource and/or by their healing ministry teams. Liebusters can be used amongst friends and families. 

If you would like to request a Liebust session from one of our trained and trusted Liebusters, you can do that, just click here.

How does it work?

Liebusters is a process that employs the biblical principles of Spirit led revelation, confession and repentance. It is a honed tool to make this process highly efficient and very effective. In the Garden of Eden, Eve believed the lies of the serpent, which resulted in separation from God, so it follows that by busting lies, we can become reconnected to God. This is what Jesus taught and demonstrated. He came to destroy the works of the enemy and reveal the Father, and this is exactly what He is still doing through Liebusters today! To learn more about how Liebusters works, we suggest you buy the Liebusters Course (see below). 

How can I get involved?

A great start would be to get a copy of the Liebusters book because it details Jonathan's story, the development of Liebusters, its theology, the process and many inspiring testimonies! Click here get the Liebusters book as a Paperback, eBook and soon as an Audiobook. 

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Next we would suggest that you request a Liebust session, either from someone you know if they have been trained, or by contacting one of our experienced and trusted Liebusters on our Liebuster Directory - to request a Liebust, just click here

If you want to learn how to Liebust, we have launched the Liebusters Course! Specifically designed for individuals in small groups and ministry teams, the Liebusters Course will give you all the training you need to give and receive the Liebusters ministry. We believe in equipping the saints to get free, stay free AND set others free. Click here to buy the Liebusters Course. 

What took Jonathan and Helena 20 years to learn, you can now learn in 2 hours with the Liebusters Course. If you are not part of a group, why not start one? Do the training with family or friends, and give and receive Liebust sessions with each other. There is no elitism in Liebusters. The Liebusters model is for everyone, and it's really easy to learn. And of course, it's completely Spirit-led, which takes the pressure off you and puts God in the driving seat. 

If you are part of a small group or ministry team, we suggest that you learn together in fellowship, and practice on each other as you learn. Individuals who are not part of a group are either encouraged to start one, or to purchase the course and engage in the course material for themselves. We do offer a certificate of completion however this is only available to those completing the course in a group setting as the course requirements do involve group activities e.g. discussion / giving and receiving Liebust sessions. 

If you have any questions, please email us using the contact form and we would be happy to help you.